Full-time Lab Manager (Fall 2023)

The Visuomotor Dynamics Lab at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) directed by Madineh Sarvestani, is taking applications for a full-time lab manager position starting in Fall 2023. The Lab manager serves a critical role in ensuring the lab’s scientific integrity, safety, and productivity. Our research focuses on the neural mechanisms involved in active visual perception, and on visually guided motor behaviors across a number of different species. We use a variety of techniques, including two-photon imaging, electrophysiology, cross-species behavioral paradigms, and computational modeling. 

Primary responsibilities:
- Guiding animal care staff in managing a small breeding colony of research animals
- Managing laboratory budget and inventory
- Leading lab members in maintaining research equipment in good working order
- Ensuring lab members adhere to protocols
- Directly contributing to ongoing experiments:
- - Brain sectioning and immunohistochemistry
- - Assisting lab members with experiments

- B.S. in a STEM field (Neuro, Psychology, Biology, Engineering,...)
- Experience and comfort working with research animals
- Basic computer skills necessary for laboratory management 
Bonus qualifications:

- Experience managing an animal colony
- Experience with histology
- Experience with programming (any language/software)

This is a leadership role as much as it is an administrative/technical role. About 30% of your time will be spent managing the animal colony and contributing to ongoing experiments. This means guiding the animal care staff to ensure that the animals are fed, happy, and healthy and assisting lab members with experiments where they need an extra set of hands/eyes or brain. Another 40% of your time will be spent ensuring that the lab runs in good working order. This includes managing the lab’s inventory and budget and ordering supplies, guiding lab members to keep equipment and tools in good working order, and working with lab members to ensure we’re all following up-to-date protocols for safety and animal welfare. A 20% chunk of your time will be devoted to brain sectioning and histology. The final 10% is yours to fill with the part of the job that excites you the most.

This is a one-year contract, but the 
position is currently funded for 5 years and my intention is to renew it indefinitely.   Pay is competitive and depends on cumulative years of education and experience. Excellent benefits. 

To apply: please email me your CV and a short description of your relevant experience.